19 Sep, 2022

 How do I get my test results? 

 Your results will be shared with the doctor who ordered your test. You should contact your doctor to discuss the results of your test. A copy of your report can be shared with you upon request by contacting us at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 (855) 373-7978. We’re available Monday to Friday [...]

19 Sep, 2022

 How is the NeXT Dx test performed? 

 In the NeXT Dx test, sequencing is performed on samples taken from your tumor tissue and blood or saliva.  Once your doctor places an order for the NeXT Dx test, Personalis will work with your hospital’s pathology department to obtain a sample of your tumor. We will also coordinate the collection of a blood or [...]

7 Oct, 2020

What is the NeXT Dx Test?

 The NeXT Dx test is a test performed on your tumor tissue and blood or saliva to identify any genetic markers in your tumor that may help guide your cancer treatment. 

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